About Me

Hallo, ik ben Lieke! Zeemeerminartiest en docent. Maar bovenal waterliefhebber met een passie om je ogen extra te laten fonkelen. Hier is mijn verhaal.

About Me

As long as I can remember I loved the water. Every chance I got I was in there. I was mostly underneath the water surface even as a child.

I grew up in the little mermaid and free Willy time period. One of my favourite games to play with a friend was the orka and the mermaid. Her room was filled with orca things mine with mermaids.

Growing up I never lost my love for the water. I kept swimming as much as I could. At one point I found out that there were other adult with mermaid souls. And they kept it alive by swimming and performing as mermaids. I loved the idea right away. The only obstacle was getting that tail. Fabric tails for adults didn’t exist and then there was also the pressure of Belgian society where being adult means being boring.

After fighting those obstacles I bought a monfin in early 2014 and made my own tail out of sequin fabric. A little bit later I made my own silicone tail.

From there the passion only grew.

Right now I’m a part time self employed mermaid. When people ask me ‘did you know you wanted be a professional mermaid growing up?’ Then I can only answer that those kind of jobs didn’t exist back then. It is so much and hard work to be one of the Belgium and European pioneer in this job.

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