Affiliated links

The life of Mermaid Lelie website uses Affiliated links.

What is an affiliated link?

An affiliate link is a link to a product or service where I as a creator receive a small commission when you buy something. In most cases it is not product but website bound. For example, if you go from links to via 1, it doesn’t matter what you buy. I receive a small commission. With other websites it may only be about the specific product.

Will affiliated links make the product more expensive for me?

No, there are no costs for you at all. So it’s a free way to support me as a creator. Amazing, right?

How long will the system remember I clicked the link?

The system tracks via cookies when you clicked on the link. How long the system remains active is different for each website. Often it is up to 14 or 30 after you clicked on the link.

If you choose to support me, it is best to make the purchase immediately after clicking on the link. There are many websites that use these types of links without mentioning it. So chances are when you make the purchase a week later, the earnings will go to another website.

How can I recognise affiliated links?

Unfortunately it is not possible for me to list all affiliate links. I work with a system that automatically detects the links that have affiliated programs. This means that a link that is an affiliate link today might no longer be an affiliate link tomorrow, or vice versa.

I want to support you! Can you show me some examples of affiliate links on your website?

That you so so much for your support! It means a lot to me 💕

Here is a list of current affiliate links that may be of interest to you. I say current because the day I get them on they are affiliate links. But I can’t check every day if they are still active.

Is every link on your website an affiliated link?

No they are not. I link to products and services because I use them myself and sincerely recommend them.

I don’t want to use affiliated link. Is that possible?

If you do not want to use affiliate links, you can search for the product I recommend via google, for example.

Another option is to delete your cookies before making the purchase.

I just want to remind you that using these links doesn’t cost you anything extra.

You might have another reason that you don’t want to use them. That’s totally okay.