You claimed your spot!!!

Thank you for investing in yourself and getting one step closer to your dreams. I’m very happy that you are interested in mermaiding. It is the best hobby, combining sport and fantasy, it doesn’t get any better!

What’s next?


Check your email You will receive your confirmation email within a few minutes. Can’t find it? Check your spam folder. Isn’t it there? Isn’t it there? Contact me at hello@mermaidlelie.com


Create your SSI profile To award your SSI Mermaid Certificate you need one. Surf to divessi.com and create a profile. Surf to divessi.com and create a profile. When asked to choose a diving center, choose the Netherlands as the country and one2dive as the diving center. Let me know as soon as this is in order and I will do the rest.


Connect with your inner child: put on your favorite mermaid movie or series. Relive why you love mermaids so much!


Find a gorgeous mermaid tail:Take a look on the world wide web and find a tail that you like. Send this to me. During the theory we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each tail that was forwarded. Tails and monofins are provided for the duration of the course.