Merfolk DIY Materials

So, you want to buy a tail? But You have no idea where to start looking? On this page you can find an overview of makers/stores. Hope you find something to your liking.

Some of the mentioned stores will sell other things besides tails. Since the focus of this page is only tails I will only describe the kind of tails the store sell. There are different pages for tops and accessories.

This list is a just that, a list. The goal for this list is that it is easier to find who is out there. Being on this list doesn’t say anything about the quality of craftsmanship

Do you know stores/makers that are not on this list? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them.

Disclaimer: I use affiliated links on my website. If you use a link to a store I may earn a commission. This doesn’t effect the price for you. I makes a difference for me as a creator. So this is a free way to support me. Thanks.


Mermaid Lelie – Belgium – skin tone swimwear, sequins, glue,…. Goal: one stop diy shop for Merfolk

Odycea Studios – Belgium/France – sequins

JR Creatiobs Mershop – Austria – silicone starfish

Merbay Studios – UK – silicone shells and starfishes for tops




South America

North America

Merlife creations – USA -silicone shells

Prop badger – USA -foam shells (dry use)

Salty Sweet Siren -USA – silicone fluke – silicone individual scales

Made by a Mer – USA – individual silicone scales

Fancy Fish – USA – Sequins – Silicone scales, flukes and fins

Bayou Mermaid Art – USA – silicone fins

Nothern Neck Mermaid – USA – silicone starfish for tops

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