Merdreams retreat 2023 FAQ – Turkey

Welcome to our frequently asked questions about the 2023 retreats.

Is this trip for me? 

I don’t have any experience in mermaiding:

All levels are welcome. If you are interested in discovering this amazing swimming technique and magical world, you are perfectly prepared.

I already have a freediving/mermaid certificate:

Yes, we look at everyone’s level. If you already have some experience, we focus on deepening the technology and learning new skills from there.

I am not super young, am I too old? 

No, no, no, mermaiding is for every age.

You do need to be over 18 to participate. 

Is this trip only for women? 

Nope, this isn’t a trip exclusive to women. We want everybody to feel welcome. We choose to talk about ‘merfolk’ instead of mermaids to be more inclusive. Sadly it is still highly seen as something for people who identify as women. If you have a better word for ‘mermaiding’, or ‘mermaid swimming’, please let us know we would love to learn more. 


Travel isn’t included in the price. We do this to give you the flexibility to travel from home without an extra stop. Our travel agent, De Loose Incentive travels, will gladly help you arrange your flight. Dalaman airport.

The transport from Dalaman airport to Bozburun will be arranged for the group at an additional cost.


How many kilos should I book on the flight?

Try to pack light, you don’t need much clothing other than your tail. Normally 20 to 25 kilos will be sufficient.

The greatest weight is usually your tail and/or monofin. Be sure to weigh these carefully before booking your luggage.

Be sure to check the guidelines for your carry on. Depending on the company it can weigh up to 15 kg. 

What should I bring?

We made a handy packing list for you. 

What is included in the price?

  • Stay on the boat, 7 days, 6 nights
  • Food: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner
  • Drinks: unlimited water, coffee and tea
  • Online workshops before departure
  • 30 minute individual call about your diy project
  • Preparation calls
  • Sunrise yoga session every morning
  • Skill building classes in open water
  • Workshop making accessory
  • Group photoshoot and individual picture
  • Goodies

What will we be learning?

You learn to swim in open water, which skills are needed to safely swim mermaid in open water (deep and shallow). You learn to pose under and above the water.

There is an online platform included with more information about:

  • make-up
  • tails
  • monofins
  • crafting with sequins

Which certifications can we achieve?

We provide the option to become certified during the Merdreams retreat at a reduced price. If you have no mermaid or freediving certification we strongly recommend you add the Basic Mermaid certification to you trip.

  • Basic Mermaid, this entails basic mermaid skills, the swimming technique, care of your tail, information about different types of tails, the correct equilistion technique, and we’ll guide you to dive until 5 meters deep. 150 euro, normal price 355 euro
  • Ocean Mermaid, 100 euro, normal price 160 euro
  • Model Mermaid, 100 euro, normal price 250+ (depeding on photgrapher and included pictures)
  • Basic Freediver
  • Level 1 Freediver

What are the photoshoot options?

There is 1 shoot on land (beach or rocks) planned with the whole group. There is also the opportunity to take individual pictures then. This groupshoot and 1 individual picture from that shoot is included in the price.

You can add extra photoshoot. These shoot will be payed in cash to the photgrapher.

✧ Underwater photoshoots with Murat Kaptan:
– First photoshoot: €150
– Second photoshoot: €100 *
– Third photoshoot: €100
– Forth photoshoot: €100

Every photo shoot is 20 minutes and you’ll get 5 edited pictures.

* When booking 2 photo shoots, the price is €230. The 3th and 4th shoot are €100 per shoot.

How much time will we spend in the water? 

There are guided 2 sessions planned every day. But you are welcome to jump into the water at any time. 

Which are the additional costs?

The price does not include 

  • the plane ticket, 
  • soft drinks and alcoholic drinks on board, payed in euro
  • 50 euro tip for the boat staff.
  • dive insurance (we’ll check individual if you need to get an extra insurance)

I am scuba certified, will there be an option to scuba dive?

There is a dive master on board. If you have your scuba certification we can arrange a dive. A fee will be charged for the equipment. On shoot days this isn’t possible.

There is no need for a scuba certification to participate.

Is there any marine life that we will sport during the trip?

Our trip is located in the Mediterranean sea We will see different kinds of kelp with the smaller fishes that they are surrounded by. We will go to a different location every day. Occasionally we’ll see a turtle or dolphin, but that can’t be guaranteed. 

Here are a few pictures of the last edition.

Will I meet the other participants before departure?

We have a video call every month. There is also an optional facebook group to get to know each other. The link to this group, and the invites for the calls will be provided once the deposit is payed.

What is the experience of past participants?

You can find some reviews here:

Will I be able to contact the homefront during the trips?

There is wifi on board. Sometimes the wifi isn’t super stable since we are out in the open water. So it is possible to get some news now and then. We do encourage to really take time to retreat from everyday live during our time together.

What happens when I come early/stay longer?

Our travel agent, De Loose Intensive travels, can help you put together a program. Or you can choose to make your own program. It is up to you.

What happens if I can no longer participate in the retreat?

If you are afraid that this will happen, it is best to take out travel insurance. This can be done, for example, through your bank. Every travel insurance policy is different so read very carefully what is and is not covered. 

The organization itself is not responsible for the refund.

Do you comply with the EU laws for travel organisations?

Yes we do, we work together with a traveling agency, De Loose Incentive Travel, to organise this trip.

I have more questions. How do I reach out?

We love to help. There are several ways to reach out. You can send an e-mail to, send us a message at instagram or facebook. Prefer a call? Book a videocall via this link.

I’m ready to book! How to I claim my spot?

Awesome! We are so happy to hear that! You can claim your spot by filling out this form.

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