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Let your siren soul shine while finding your tribe

7-13 October or 14 – 20 October

Bozburun, Turkey

Are you done with adulting?Let’s play mermaids!

Are you an adult that feels like they need a break from everyday life? Some time to really let go? You long for a magical way of reconnectiong with yourself?

You’re not alone. Many adult feel like they need a break from the mundaine daily tasks, such as:

Having the pressure of taking care of others.

Everyday seems to be the same, and not very magical.

Lacking of a surrounding that really get’s their merdreams

I must be the only adult who likes merfolk? Wrong.

What if, you could find other adults that share the same interest while sailing the Aegean sea ?

Image a week where in you can….


You can wake up every morning feeling confident and empowered, knowing that you are surrounded by people with the same interest.


Develop your mermaiding skills and get the tools to keep on growing onces you get back home.


Make time for you to rest and recharge, you’ll go home with a new found clarity and have found it the most fun way possible.

With Merdreams , that world can be a reality.

During the retreat you’ll connect with like minded adults . Whether you’re just starting out and feeling unsure of where to begin, or you’re a seasoned siren looking to take your skills to the next level. The Merdreams retreat will guide you.

During our trips we’ll focus on detatching from the mundaine life, and reconnecting with our siren soul. We’ll do this in the most playful way.

what’s included

Here’s what you can expect when you join:

Stay on board

7 days, 6 nights we’ll spend on board of Okyanus. We’ll sail to a new location every day.

Food & drinks

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinners is included, as well as water, tea and coffee.


Every day there will be 2 in water coaching sessions to work on your skills.

Before departure you’ll get access to online course materials.

Group photoshoot

We’ll make mermazing pictures with our whole group.

Sunrise yoga

Every morning you’ll have the option to join in a yoga session to wake up your body.

Goodie bag

You’ll receive a bag that can hold your monofin, mermates towel, journal, wild refill deo, and there is more to come

A day during the mermdreams retreat

Imagine waking up with the sun…

Gentle yoga in the morning to wake up your body. When the bell rings you know breakfast is being served. After breakfast we’ll spend time in the water. We’ll transform into magical beings there. You take some time to dry in the sun on deck. There is the bell again, it is time for lunch.

In the afternoon you’ll spend a lot of time having fun while exploring your mermaiding skills and the magical surroundings. You’ll loose track of time and at once you’ll notice it is time for dinner. Thanks to the lovely sound of the bell you’ll know it’s time to be pampered again.

In the evening we’ll spend time sharing our experiences and growth we’ve noticed. When the sun goes down you’ll get comfortable and take time to unwind before falling asleep underneeth the stars.

And the next day,… We’ll do it all over agian


The price for 1 week is 1550 euro per person


Join with a friend and get a discount.


Learn about the last minute discounts!

Join with a friend: 2500 euro for the both of you

Join by jourself: 1400 euro with the last


Ready? Join now.

Enroll now to start your mermaiding journey! With our 7-day retreat, you’ll learn to (re)connect with your inner child an enjoy the mermaid life. Don’t wait any longer, sign up now and take the first step towards achieving a more playful life.


“I went to the Merdreams retreat and I really loved it!! Lelie and Evi who organize it are really sweet and professional, I loved the boat, the captain and his staff are very nice and helpful, the food was soooo good! And I have some good photos from the shoot that I really love. I for sure recommend this retreat!”

Sarie, 2021 participant

“I attended the Merdreams retreat in Turkey and I absolutely loved it! The reason I chose this retreat is because the small group as it would allow me to get to know everyone else on the trip more intimately, and it certainly did! There were 10 of us on the trip and I became really good friends with every single person!”

Andrew, 2022 particpant

“If you are still doubting to join in, know that doubting is not a bad thing if you still want to figure things out but if you really want to have that familiar all-in mermaid trip where you can learn and experience all of the mer-skills. SSI MerInstructors Evi and Lelie are like the best two mer-(mom)-sisters for you . As a trans-mer I thought I would never found myself inclusive in a world of mermaiding but the Merdreams-sisters had proven otherwise. So if you are looking for a mer-safe(r)space, don’t look no further. The Merdreams retreat wil make your dreams happen. It’s only a matter of when.”

Jamine, 2022 particpant

“You don’t want To miss out .”

“Living on a boat for a week was amazing and surreal. I choose to sleep on deck instead of my cabin and sleeping underneath the millions of stars is breath taking! The days were filled with a lot of swimming, as well as times to relax and/or craft.

I 100% recommend the retreat organised by Merdreams! I went in 2022 and it was such a lovely and amazing experience! The organisation, Lelie en Evi are both amazing and lovely. They are amazing instructors! They put together such an awesome itinerary.

The boat and crew were amazing and the food was really good (and this is coming from a picky eater). I am planning to go back in 2024 because of how of an amazing experience it was!”

Isolde, 2022 participant

still hesitant? here’s why You Should join in 2023

We’re confident that you’ll love you’ll love the retreat if you give yourself the chance!

Enjoy life to the fullest! Take that step towards your mermaid dreams!

You’re not sure you can afford it? This is the best price you can get – especially with the last minute deals right now! Next year the price will be 1950 euro. Now with the last minute deal you’ll pay 550 euro less! And even more discount when you join in with a friend.

Do you find it scary to join a retreat on your own? Most participants join alone.

Feel like everything will go wrong when you’re away from home? Allow yourself to take time for yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Got questions? We got answers!

Are there underwater photoshoot included?

The is a group shoot included. This will be above water. We do have an underwater photographer joining us.

You can book a shoot with Murat Kaptan when enrolling.


-First photoshoot: €150
– Second photoshoot: €100 *
– Third photoshoot: €100
– Forth photoshoot: €100

Every photo shoot is 20 minutes and you’ll get 5 edited pictures.

* When booking 2 photo shoots, the price is €230. The 3th and 4th shoot are €100 per shoot.

What kind of experience is required?

If you basic swimming skills are good, you can join in. If you don’t have prior mermaiding experience we do recommend the Basic Mermaid add on option.

Which courses are availble as add on?

We work via the SSI system. This means you’ll go home with an international certification in mermaiding or freeding.

The options are:

    • Basic mermaid: €150, instead of €355

    • Ocean mermaid specialty: €100, instead of €160

    • Model mermaid* speciality: €100, instead of 250+ euro

    • Basic freediver: €100, instead of €125

    • Level 1 freediver: €250, instead of €400

Will there be scuba diving options?

If you are scuba certified then you can join the dive master aboard for dives. This comes at an additional fee of 35 euro per dive. This will be payed in cash on board. Price can change

Do we share a cabin?

Yes cabins are shared. You can pay an extra fee to have the cabin to yourself.


Are you a travel agent?

We partnered with Evelyn from De Loose incentive travels to organise this trip.

Do I need to arrange my own transportations?

The flight is not included. Evelyn can help you with arranging your transport if you like.

If you arrive by plane, we fly in via Dalaman airport. Transfer can be arrenged from there.

Are there any extra costs?
  •  Transportation
  • SSI certifications
  • Individual photoshoots
  • Soda or alcohol on board
  • Tip for the crew, 50+ euro
Is there wifi on board?

Yes, absolutely! But the wifi isn’t always be best quality. We are out in the water, so the reception can sometimes be bad. For all the EU citizens joinging, Turkey isn’t part of the EU so don’t use roaming during the retreat.

In the past participants have chosing to buy a Turkish sim card.

My friend wants to join but they don’t enjoy mermaiding.

Your friend is very welcome. For guest who don’t participate in the mermaid program there are a few options:

  • – Relax, read, hike, sub or snorkel
  • – If you have 2 friends who are freedivers they can traing amongs them (beginner freedivers can join the course). Both our instructors are also freedivers so squeezing in a session with them will also work grom time to time.
  • – Scuba diving. There is a dive master aboard. Scuba dives can be arranged with them.
I have another questions, how do I contact Merdreams?

Send you question to merdreams.eu@gmail.com

I can’t join in. Can you add me to the waitinglist?

So sad you can’t join in.

Add yourself to the waitinglist via this link.

Hi, we are Evi & Lelie

In 2019 they we together on a mermaid trip to Egypt. And that a where we decided: “One day we’ll organise trips too.”

Both were already teaching mermaiding by then.

In 2020 Evi became an SSI mermaid instructor, Lelie became it in 2021.

This gave them the last boost to actually organise the merdreams retreat.

Love, the Merdreams team♥️

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