Merdreams Retreat – August 2022 – Turkey


Want to spend a full week on a boat filled with other Merfolk?
Well you are in luck! The Merdreams: merfolk retreat 2022 is getting closer!
We’ll spend a full week in the open water practicing our merfolk skills, having a lot of fun, taking gorgeous underwater pictures eating delicious food, and discovering some history.
Are you in!
All levels welcome <3
Age 18+ for solo travelers, younger a parent or legal guardian has to participate in the trip aswel.
Payment in installments is possible


We can’t wait to meet you!

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Do you want to join Mermaid Evi and me on this epic adventure in the Mediterranean Sea?

What is the Merdreams retreat?
A Merdreams retreat is a 7-day trip for all Merfolk who want to spend a week together on a boat with like-minded people. You get to know new people. We work on building or improving your skills together. We do this in a magical location, the Mediterranean Sea. And we’ll live an boat for the full week! Surrounded by gorgeous clear blue water. Every day will feel like a completely new experience.

At the retreat we place great emphasis on having fun together and improving your skills in a fun way.

Price 1880 euro.

This includes:

Stay on the boat, 7 days, 6 nights
Food: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner
Drinks: unlimited water, coffee and tea
Online workshops before departure
Skill building classes in open water
Workshop making accessory
3 Shoots and 10 edited photos
Transfer from and to the airport on August 20 and 27.
Certifications that are included:

Basic mermaid
Ocean mermaid speciality
Model mermaid speciality
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The full Merdreams schedule
Do note that changes can be made. The content will stay the same. But it is possible that there will be a switch in dates

Before departure
A number of webinars are already being organized so that everyone can prepare well.

Tips for underwater makeup
Tips on different tails and monofins
Theory of the basic mermaid course
In Turkey
Saturday 20 August
Yay! The first day of our retreat!

We’ll meet up at 9 in the morning at Bodrum international airport for our transfer to Bozburun.

Once we are checked in we’ll make sail to our first stop.

We’ll have time to take first swim in the beautiful open water and get to know eachother a little better.

In the evening we’ll experience the magical sunset.

Sunday August 21
Today is the first full day on the boat. Every morning there will be the option to participate in a yoga session. Get your body ready for the day!

Today we are focussing on the foundation of the mermaid swimming technique.

You’ll learn or improve the technique. This will give you more confidence in your abilities as a mermaid. Learning and having fun go hand in hand on our retreat.

After dinner you’ll learn how to transform chosen accessory into a magical item. You will learn the basics of working with sequins. You probably won’t finish it in one evening. No problem, there is a whole trip to continue working on it.

Monday August 22
A new day, a new morning yoga session!

After breakfast we’ll get ready to continue to practise on our technique.

In the afternoon we’ll be going to deeper waters to learn about specific challenges about swimming in open water.

Tuesday August 23
Yoga time! By this day you might feel your like your body is really in need of a good stretch from all the swimming!

It’s a new day, time for a new challenge! Today we’ll start working on our modeling skills.

We will get comfortable posing both above and below the water. During the practice time we’ll film it so you’ll get an idea of where you can improve.

In the afternoon we’ll do a shoot on the beach or rocks, depending on what all of us find more visually pleasing.

There will also be time for swimming.

Wednesday August 24
Today is very different day then the others. We’ll dock in Knidos. We are going to discover this island by foot (this is why you need hiking shoes).

We’ll search for Aphrodite’s temple and learn about her story.

In the afternoon we take a step back from Greek Mythology and focus on underwater modeling.

In the afternoon we practice posing together and make images in groups. Posing in group is such fun! You can make many nice formations and of course also come up with your own.

We’ll be recording the session and look at the video in the evening.

Thursday August 25-Knidos
Today is photoshoot day! We’ll put the things we learned into practice.

I’m excited! Are you?

Friday August 26
Today is the second photoshoot day! There will be plenty time for everyone to get gorgeous pictures taken.

In the evening we return to the harbor where we started and have a quiet last evening on our boat.

Saturday August 27
It’s super sad, but today is the last day. After breakfast we’ll check out from the boat.

It’s time to take our transfer to Bodrum airpoirt. We’ll arrive at Bodrum airport around 4 in the afternoon.

Have a safe trip home.

How to book a spot?
Fill out the registration form and we’ll be in touch in a timely manner.

Do you have any questions? Please read the FAQ if there a things unclear after reading. Do not hesitate to contact us: or use the form

What to bring?
We made a list of things that we recommend taking with out on the retreat. You can find it here.

We are so excited! We can’t wait to meet all of you!


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