What should I bring on the retreat?

Packing can be hard. We try to make it easy for you by providing this list.


  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sufficient underwear + clothes -> not much needed we are often swimming
  • Warm pyjamas if you want to sleep underneath the stars
  • Hiking shoes, or shoes you can comfortably walk on for several hours
  • Earplugs, for the plane, and sound of the water and generator. 
  • Sleep mask, the sun is very early to help you rise and shine. Some days you might want to sleep a little longer.
  • Your favorite cookies -> 1 box will be enough. There is a lot of food on the boat.

In the water: 

  • 2 kilos of soft diving lead 
  • Swimming tights and t-shirt with long sleeves to prevent sun burns during eg snorkling
  • Monofin and your tail. Recommended tails: fabric, resin scales, silicone. Sequin tails will get easily damaged due to the small platform we use to get in the water. 
  • top 
  • Bathingsuit/bikini
  • thick scuba sock/water shoes/ sandals that can be used in water
  • Diving/freediving computer (optional, no need to buy it)
  • Freediving goggles

For the photoshoot (optional)

  • make-up -> there is a webinar about make-up included
  • top 
  • wig 
  • accessories 

On the boat: 

  • Slippers, shoes are not allowed on deck. 
  • Beach towel 
  • Poncho towel or bathrobe
  • An item you want to turn into a mermaid item.

Medical cabinet: 

  • Sunscreen and after sun, reef safe
  • Tampons/cup -> we are only going on land once, so better to have some so you won’t be surprised.
  • Medication for sea/motion sickness

Only after consultation with you doctor: 

  • Equilasing medication (if you have troubles ‘plopping’ your ears, we’ll also work on the technique)
  • If you sinuses get blocked easily medication for that can be usefull